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The South Carolina Work Comp System Facilitates Justice

Every injured worker in South Carolina deserves justice. Every American citizen has the right to workplace safety. The workplace should be as safe as possible. It is the duty of the employer to maintain a safe workplace. Failure to do so will result in liability.

Justice is a virtue while injustice is a vice. There should be timely justice. Delayed justice and injustice are the same.

Time makes the biggest difference when it comes to workers compensation cases. Injured employees do not have the time to wait for years to obtain justice.

An injured employee may be in a critical state that requires money so that to obtain further treatment. In such a case,timely compensation will prevent further suffering or even death.

Substantial Compensation is the Best Justice

For justice to be done,there must be substantial compensation. The compensation sum should not only cover all the medical costs. It should also cover:

  • Lost income

  • Pain and suffering

  • Rehabilitation costs

The Justice Process

The justice process can involve negotiation or the court option. Negotiation is the best alternative,since it involves less bureaucracy. Negotiation also facilitates privacy. For cases involving the court option,the public will know about the compensation sum offered. That can have security risks.

The lawyer of the injured worker must communicate with the lawyers of the defendant to start the negotiation process. If the other party is adamant,the court option will be the only alternative left. This will involve filing the case in a court of law. An attorney will deal with the various litigation matters.

The Bottom Line

Laws exist to facilitate justice. The rule of law governs The United States of America; just ask any [dcl=6964]. That is why there is a highly effective South Carolina work comp system.

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